Study Plan

Master of Arts SUPSI in Theatre

Structure of Master of Arts in Theatre ATD/SUPSI

The Master of Arts in Theatre is renewed and branches out into three specialisations: – Physical Theatre, -Teatro di Figura: Material, Object and Puppet Theatre, – Applied Theatre Practice. Continuing to reflect Dimitri’s legacy, it enables the Accademia to embark on the discovery of new issues relevant to our changing society and to support the energy and ideals of young artists who want to be of service to the community and their local area.

Based on their own experiences, students deepen their understanding of theatre, investigate their way of working and exhibit themselves as artists.
In their learning and growth process, they are accompanied by teachers and lecturers who give ample space and importance to the peer group, persisting in the conviction that cultural diversity is essential for the growth of an artist.

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The students target

We invite applications for the Master of Arts in Theatre from young artists in the performing arts, preferably with professional experience, who feel the need to experiment and get involved. The focus is on creation, on knowing what lies behind what you see and hear. The artist is called upon to work autonomously, to develop his or her own idea and to integrate it into a stage project.

As the renewed structure of the Master program is unique in Switzerland, we are now aiming to attract more Swiss students, who have so far been more attracted to study abroad.

Professional opportunities

Upon completion of the training, the Master graduate is able to deal with theatre projects at the creative, organisational and managerial level. He therefore has the means both to collaborate with existing theatre companies on specific projects commissioned by directors, impresarios, und entrepreneurs, as well as to create their own theatre company. Graduates are also able to create new performance or training venues, and to manage innovative applications in non-artistic fields – a skill that is now reinforced and refined thanks to the new specialisation.
Exactly on the basis of the interests and opportunities created over the years, the Accademia would like to develop three specialisations within its Master program which, on the one hand, enable students to achieve their objectives with targeted and comprehensive skills and, on the other hand, allow the Accademia to systematically benefit from the networks and exchanges resulting from the students’ projects, effects which previously remained at the individual and exclusive level of the student concerned.

Physical Theatre

Physical Theatre

A topic related to one’s own body and its physicality is the starting point for an artistic research leading to a theatrical creation presented to an audience.

Teatro di Figura

Teatro di Figura

The student chooses a topic related to his or her body and its coexistence with materials, objects, or puppets.

Applied Theatre Practice

Applied Theatre Practice

The artist is confronted with social realities that lie outside his field of competence in the strict sense (art),

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