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Bachelor: apply now!

Updated: Feb 13

The Accademia Dimitri is happy to announce enrolment for the Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, for the academic year 2024/2025.

Here the locations of the pre exams

24.03.2024 Verscio, Accademia Dimitri

20.04.2024 Novara, LaRibalta Art Group

21.04.2024 Bern, HKB Studio Bühne

28.04.2024 Stuttgart, Forum Theater

04.05.2024 Paris - Consérvatoire National Supérior d'Art Dramatique

If you are passionate about theatre and wish to become a complete artist in the field of Physical Theatre, you are in the right place!

During their training, students have the opportunity to acquire a valuable mix of practical experience and theoretical knowledge. Regular courses provide a solid foundation, while intensive teaching sessions allow for in-depth study of specific topics, further enriching the training. In addition, theatre productions, both in Switzerland and abroad, provide a real-life laboratory for putting the acquired skills into practice.

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