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Corriere del Ticino: Spain and Ticino at the centre of Territori Festival ‘24

THEATRE / Tonight at the Sociale in Bellinzona, the 8th edition of the Territori Festival opens The kermis, dedicated to contemporary performing arts, focuses on the scene in Italian-speaking Switzerland on the one hand, and proposes an unusual ‘bridge’ with Spain on the other

Always attentive to young generations and emerging artists Territori this year focuses on the Accademia Dimitri, present with its collective work Spring Fever (tonight at 8.00 pm at the Teatro Sociale) directed by Philipp Egli and with four interesting individual works, grouped together in the Night of Shorts (tomorrow at 8.00 pm, also at the Sociale in Bellinzona).

Corriere del Ticino, 05.06.2024

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