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Dialogues of Respect in Relationships: Awareness and management of inappropriate behaviour

Updated: Apr 25

The Accademia Dimitri is proud to join the USI Equal Opportunities Service and the SUPSI Gender and Diversity Service in presenting a crucial event: "Dialogues of Respect in Relationships: Awareness and management of inappropriate behaviour'.

The evening, scheduled on 25 April 2024 at 17:30 in the USI Auditorium and located on the 1st floor of the main building of the USI West Campus in Lugano, is an opportunity for the USI and SUPSI community to actively engage in raising awareness against harassment in academic institutions.

Aim and Content

This multidisciplinary meeting aims to address the sensitive issue of sexual harassment in the university environment from various angles: legal, psychological, and artistic. With contributions from experts in the field, participants will have the opportunity to delve into the complexity of the phenomenon and explore concrete strategies for its prevention and management.


  • Institutional Greetings: The meeting will be opened with greetings from Prof. Sonja Hildebrand, Vice-Chancellor for Sustainable Transformation and Equal Opportunities, and Prof. Ing. Franco Gervasoni, Director General SUPSI.

  • The portrayal of harassment in the performing arts: Angela Calia, lecturer and researcher at the Accademia Dimitri, will offer a unique insight into the way in which the performing arts can contribute to understanding and raising awareness on the issue.

  • Round Table: A key moment of the event will be the round table, moderated by RSI journalist Cinzia Rigamonti, featuring experts of the calibre of Nora Jardini Croci-Torti, lawyer and Co-Director of the Equi-Lab Association, Roberta Di Pasquale, lecturer and researcher in dynamic psychology at the University of Bergamo, and Mathieu Horeau, PhD and lecturer-researcher at the Accademia Dimitri.

Participation and Registration

The event is open to all interested members of the USI and SUPSI community. To participate, you must register by clicking here.

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