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Pre-academic programme: Physical Theatre


The Accademia Dimitri and the Centro Artistico MAT are two major educational institutions in Ticino with different objectives. The Accademia Dimitri offers a recognised professional university education, including master's programmes, while the MAT is often the choice of beginners in the theatre, music and dance arts. Both schools have a mutual esteem that has led to collaboration. This project allows the MAT to present a pre-academic programme in association with Accademia Dimitri, recognising the value of their educational work since 2008. For the Accademia Dimitri, the project is crucial in introducing more young people from Ticino to the school, enabling them to take the entrance exams for the three-year course after a year of basic training, without pre-exams. Michele Rezzonico, a former Accademia Dimitri student, is the didactic head, flanked by other outstanding teachers, including Ettore Chiummo, Camilla Parini, Mirko D'Urso and Massimiliano Cividati.

General objectives

The Accademia Dimitri requires adequate preparation for its challenging and broad academic scope, which focuses on physical theatre. Aspiring students must be physically fit, know their bodies and develop self-awareness and spatial awareness. Co-ordination, balance and flexibility are essential for physical theatre and dance. Muscle strength, particularly in the muscles of the spine, is crucial. In the theatrical aspect, a strong presence is required, with attention to listening, acceptance and development in improvisation. The body is central to expressing the dramaturgy in both movement and improvised acting. The ability to integrate movement with drama is fundamental. Playing one or more instruments can contribute to admission. A professional mindset and approach are essential for academic success and the training of future performing arts professionals.

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