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The Accademia Dimitri in Vallemaggia

Updated: Jun 18

Friday, July 19, 8:30 PM, Piazza di Moghegno

Musical introduction sung

Andrina Hauri


6-7 minutes


Italian and other languages


Happy End

Clown Performance

Anna Russegger

Brief. Stupid. Love. Stories.

A true show about love, anger, tears, dreams, and not becoming wiser. And not wanting to become wiser. The desire to fall in love again and again. A clownish and hopeful response to the madness of love.

Kurz. Dumme. Geschichten. Von der Liebe.

Eine echte Show über Liebe, Wut, Tränen, Träume und das Nicht-Weiser-Werden. Und das Nicht-weiser-Werden-Wollen. Sich immer wieder neu verlieben zu wollen. Eine clowneske und hoffnungsvolle Antwort auf den Wahnsinn der Liebe.

  • Anna Russegger grew up in Berchtesgaden, Bavaria. Since childhood, she loved dancing, acting, and dressing up. She trained as a carpenter, left the profession, and became a clown at the Clown School in Mainz. She then studied circus and theatre at the LATIBUL Zirkusgelände - Theater- & Zirkuspädagogisches Zentrum (formerly ZAK) in Cologne and the Anton Bruckner University in Linz. She has performed at the Carinthische Musikakademie (CMA) in Ossiach, graduating in 2021. She has worked in various fields as an independent clown, in summer circus projects, as a hospital clown, as a theatre teacher, and as a stage performer. Since 2023, she has been pursuing a Master of Arts in Theatre.


15-20 minutes


Nonverbal (with some German, English, Italian)

Parola Vegetale

Movement Theatre / Physical Theatre

KollektivARB | Andrina Hauri, Zoe Notartomaso, Luca Schindler

What would happen if we started to listen, considering plants as our equals and teachers? And what if humans began to think like plants? Inspired by plant sounds and movements, the three performers explore these questions with irony and poetry, attempting to find ways to communicate with the plant world and hear what it has to say.

Die drei Künstler:innen des Theaters, der Bewegung, des Klanges und der Poesie entführen Sie in ein Universum, wo die Sprache der Pflanzen hör- und spürbar wird. 

Was erzählen uns die Pflanzen? Was passiert, wenn wir auf sie hören, oder gar wie sie denken? Und was geschieht, wenn Pflanzen wie Menschen agieren? 

  • Andrina Hauri (Zurich, 1996) graduated in Physical Theatre from the Accademia Dimitri in Verscio and in acting from the University of the Arts in Bern. The intertwining of movement theatre with sounds and poetry she creates fascinates Andrina and inspires her in her dance and theatre pieces. Her musical instruments, extravagant costumes, and virtuoso play with her voice are always present - sometimes sensual, sometimes sunny, and always explosive.

  • Zoe Notartomaso (Livorno, 2000), graduated in Physical Theatre from the Accademia Dimitri in Verscio and in classical dance in Florence. She is particularly interested in dance-theatre and the fusion of different stage languages. Fascinated by metamorphosis and mimicry with nature, she aspires to create dreamlike worlds and poetic atmospheres in her shows, balancing between the sublime and the grotesque.

  • Luca Schindler (Basel, 1996) is a multimedia artist, graduated in process design from the HyperWerk Institute in Basel. To deepen his interest in the relationship between "non-human" and human beings, he studied social anthropology in Bern. To communicate with the plant world, he uses drawing and the music generated from it.


15-20 minutes


Italian and other languages


In case of bad weather, the event will be canceled


Supported by


Lago Maggiore and Valleys Tourist Organization

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