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Locarno: Cortile del Dipartimento formazione e apprendimento, Piazza S. Francesco 19 Prima: 28.06.2019, ore 21.00 SOLD OUT 29.06.2019 e 30.06.2019, ore 21.00 SOLD OUT Zürich Kulturhaus Helferei, Kirchgasse 13, Zürich 02.07.2019 e 03.07.2019, ore 21.00 SOLD OUT​ Udine: Civica Accademia d’Arte drammatica Nico Pepe, Largo Ospedale Vecchio, Udine 10.07.2019, ore 21.00 Venezia: Festival Venice Open Stage, Campazzo San Sebastiano Dorsoduro, Venezia) 12.07.2019, 13.07.2019, ore 21.00 Locarno Prevendita e prenotazioni: Accademia Teatro Dimitri, +41 (0)58 666 67 50,

Avanti, avanti migranti! Storie di fughe e di arrivi

Directed by Volker Hesse

Avanti, avanti migranti! Storie di fughe e di arrivi

In the Accademia Teatro Dimitri, 12 students in training for the Bachelor of Arts in Physical Theatre collaborated with refugees and asylum seekers from Ticino in a show entitled "Forward, forward migrants". Directed by director Volker Hesse and choreographer Andrea Herdeg, the show uses "physical theater" to tell stories of migration, escape and arrival, and to explore alternative ways of communication through body and movement. Students have previously collaborated with organizations such as SOS Ticino, and the new project involves more than 15 refugees. The work also uses the poetry of Aref Hamza to enrich the narratives and uses techniques such as music, scenography and choreography to create a universal language of experience and emotion.

The staff involved in the project includes:

Director: Volker Hesse

Choreography by Andrea Herdeg

Music: Alessandro La Rocca

Poems: Aref Hamza

Lights and sound: Elia Albertella

Technique: Ricki Maggi and Elia Albertella

Assistant director and playwright: Lia Schädler and Frank Wünsche

Dramaturgy coordination and collaboration: Ruth Hungerbühler

Performers include both academy students and refugees, including Patrice Bussy, Virginia Cassina, Ettore Chiummo, and many others.


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