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Lavoro Collettivo di Fine Formazione

The beautiful tragedy TO BE human

Directed by Ann Klemann and Bernard Stöckli

The beautiful tragedy TO BE human

The Triptych is an artistic project involving four directors of the Scuola Teatro Dimitri and eight actors-dancers-acrobats of the Accademia Teatro Dimitri. The project is divided into three interconnected segments that explore the fragility and beauty of the human being through different artistic languages: acrobatics, visual comedy and dance.


In the first segment, led by Adriano Cangemi, the theme of the game is explored through the theater of movement and acrobatics. Here, the game is used as a means to explore the human essence, highlighting the particularities, forces and weaknesses of each.


The second segment is a "visual comedy", directed by Ann Klemann and Bernard Stöckli. This part takes place in a playground context as a social ritual, exploring the different dynamics that emerge from the free interpretation of the characters involved.


The third segment is focused on dance, under the direction of Nuria Prazak, and deals with themes such as fall, failure and the feeling of imbalance. The dancers interact with the force of gravity in a relationship that oscillates between the playful and the dramatic.


The project, as a whole, invites the viewer to reflect on the attempts of the human being to go against social expectations, resist the laws of nature and immerse themselves in the game for the sheer pleasure of doing so. Without following a linear plot, the goal is to stimulate a deep reflection on the challenges and beauty of the human condition, connecting past, present and future generations.


The team involves various artists and technicians, including photographers, costume designers and creators of lights and sounds, making the Triptych a multidisciplinary and collaborative work.


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