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Lavoro Individuale di Fine Formazione


Emma Görrissen


«Your apehood, gentlemen, inasmuch you have something of the sort behind you, cannot be any remoter from yu than mine is from me.
Yet everyone who walks the earth feels this little tickle at his heel;

from the little chimpanzee to the great Achilles.» 

(A report to an Academy, Franz Kafka)


A play composed of
burlesque scenes that ask us questions such as:

Who lives more vibrantly? The monkey or the man? Who has the freedom to be free?
And who is actually trapped?

It is about union and opposition between ape and man. It is about control and eruption.


It is not about art. It is not about skill. It's about life and finding a language for it. (Pina Bausch)

Performers: Emma Görrissen, Eva Krause, Paula König

Text: Franz Kafka, 'An Academic Report'.

Music: Georg Danzer, 'Die Freiheit'.

Lighting: Andrea Ferrari

Set design: Carmelo Mulé


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