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Corporate projects

Accademia Dimitri offers a wide range of activities for companies, associations, schools, and institutions. Proposals cover areas such as creativity, communication, social skills, psychophysical well-being, individual and interpersonal dynamics, cultural animation, enhancement of buildings and architectural complexes, and the conception of memorable events.


His expertise on these areas derives from the characteristics of Physical Theatre as an art based on encounter, on attention to the human being in his three-dimensionality of body, mind, and emotion, and on movement in space. Through approaches whose theoretical framework is rooted in play, practical activity and experience, workshops and laboratories offered by the Academy make it possible to better integrate the issues addressed, overcoming the limitations of trainings mainly based on a theoretical and intellectual dimension.


Alongside a catalog of specific predefined proposals, the Academy is very active in tailor-made projects developed in collaboration with public and private partners.

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