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Nearly 50 years of history

The Accademia Dimitri was founded in Verscio in 1975 on the initiative of the Swiss clown Dimitri, his wife Gunda, and Czech-born actor and mime Richard Weber, under the name Scuola Teatro Dimitri.


The school came into being as an embodiment of the dream that united its founders: the construction of an innovative theatre, which had as its main means of expression the language of the body. Together, they then created a specific pedagogy based on the interaction of a wide range of disciplines, such as pantomime, dance, theatrical improvisation, acrobatics, rhythm, vocal education, and theatre history, and theory.


Nearly 50 years after the school's inception, the features of its curriculum are still alive. The founders’ dream lives on, making the academy a benchmark for theatre education nationally and internationally, and a hub of excellence in the arts.

The "clown from Ascona" Dimitri founded the Theatre in Verscio that still bears his name.



The "Scuola Teatro Dimitri" founded with his wife Gunda and Czech mime and pedagogue Richard Weber, was born.

2018 saw the release of "Richard Weber: My 40 Years in Verscio," the first book on the founding of the Accademia Dimitri, in which its co-founder – actor, mime, and choreographer Richard Weber – recounts his artistic and human journey, and the stages that marked the development of the special pedagogy he created for teaching movement theater in Verscio.

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"Rhythm" is the first volume of a collection that presents the different subjects taught at the academy. The book traces the objectives and teaching technique of Oliviero Giovannoni, the first rhythm teacher at the Scuola Teatro Dimitri in Verscio, revealing the great possibilities that rhythm opens up for the performing arts.

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