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 Physical Theatre

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About Accademia Dimitri

The Accademia Dimitri is a university-accredited professional school of theatre which offers multidisciplinary study paths centered on physical theater and its different dimensions: body, movement, dramaturgy, and performance. These themes are also integrated and investigated within the academy’s research and continuing education program. The university campus combines a familiar, local and international dimensions, giving rise to a study and work environment dense with artistic stimuli, such as encounters and interpersonal interactions.

Educational Offerings

The educational offerings of the Accademia Dimitri includes the Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, a three-year full-time course, and the Master of Arts in Theatre, a two-year program with three focuses: Physical Theatre, Figure Theatre and Applied Theatre Practice. It adds a wide range of Advanced Studies offerings, including certified and non-certified courses, as well as a wide range of summer courses for all ages.

Research & Service Performance

The Accademia Dimitri offers a unique opportunity to explore major themes in art, culture and society through a perspective of applied research. The sector also offers services that enable institutions, companies, and associations to work on areas such as communication, team building, leadership, creativity, inclusion and sustainability.

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