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Lavoro Individuale di Fine Formazione

Fare come ci pare

Amelie Rüegsegger

Fare come ci pare

"Why did I go backwards? Don't we live in a free country? Are we not allowed to go as we please?" 

(Pippi Longstocking)

The short answer: You can go as you like, but it is not recommended. This is because some gaits are more favourable than others. If you have any questions, please contact the advisory service on gaits at the Ministry of Social Behaviour. For other questions, please contact the relevant department: Department of Salute (DDS), Institute of Dress (IDA), Office of Manners (UDBM), Infopoint Small Talk (IPST), Information on Public Transport Behaviour (ICTP).

We are happy to help!

Performance: Amelie Rüegsegger, Salomé Fischer, Simon Huggler

Music - Rule Maker Fanfare

Amelie Rüegsegger (Composition, Production) and Gerold Welch (Production)


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