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Lavoro Individuale di Fine Formazione


Marino Sampayo


In a world where censorship still persists and the tragic death of artists is a reality, the figure of García Lorca emerges. This Spanish poet and playwright was a victim of political ambition and repression to defend his ideas. Art vanishes and we seem indifferent. Lorca, a champion of the beauty of life, finds refuge in his inner world, in nature and in the rich cultural tradition

cultural tradition that surrounded him, which became his most intimate source of inspiration.

This refuge became his last lament before returning to the land of olive trees, which he loved so much.

By exploring the essence of his existence and capturing the intensity of his emotions, as well as the depth of his connection to the environment, his legacy becomes eternal. Let us remember that although art may perish, its spirit continues to vibrate in every verse and every sigh of nature. Now it is our choice to feel it and remember it, even when the world seems to be against us.

Performance of Marino Sampayo


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