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Lavoro Individuale di Fine Formazione

Suturer le Vide

Fanny Déglise

Suturer le Vide

Knock knock knock

 Who knocked on my door? Who could it be? 

I'm not expecting anyone tonight. 

Why do the clock hands spin backwards? 

The shadow on the window reminds me of a bird lost long ago. 

What are those muffled sounds? 

What distant secret torments me? 

I slide into another world, wiping the traces of blood from my plaster mask. 

A foul, unbearable odor fills my room, as if the soul of the world is decomposing. 

Traces - Niki de Saint Phalle


Fanny Déglise, Salomé Coquoz


Traces et Mon Secret - Niki de Saint Phalle

Je me souviens - Douna Lou

Discours César 2024 – Judith Godrèche


Elegie – Stefan Fraunberger

Je T’Obéis – Sexy Sushi


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