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About the Accademia Dimitri

The Accademia Dimitri is a university-accredited professional school of theatre, offering multidisciplinary courses of study in the field of physical theatre. The academy not only focuses on artistic training methods, but also remains deeply committed to fostering new artistic creation.


The academy’s approach is based on high-level physical preparation and the acquisition of skills, practices, and theory related to multiple performance techniques (from theater, dance, and circus arts), with specific emphasis on physical theater. Students from the Bachelor and Master of Arts in Theatre graduate with a broad technical, artistic, and methodological background, enabling them to embark on an artistic and expressive path combining technical skills with their personal artistic sensibilities.

These interdisciplinary paths guide all basic training programs such as continuing education and research, as well as community programs, which operate and develop along consistent lines beginning with art and the theater artist, and turning to society.

What do you want to find out?

The academy is divided into two locations, the main campus in Verscio and an additional campus in Avegno, Ticino. Both locations are immersed in nature, nestled in deep river valleys between forested mountains, located a few kilometers from the beautiful city of Locarno. The geographical position of the academy and the assorted backgrounds of students, teachers, and researchers make it a crossroads where contributions from the most diverse and enriching traditions and cultural fields come together.


struttura accademia dimitri a Verscio


struttura esterna accademia dimitri a Avegno
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