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Research & Provision of Services


The research at the Accademia Dimitri starts from the roots of theatrical art: theatre is born from the encounter between moving bodies, but it has always had an important social and ethical value. Based on these premises, the Academy’s research projects start from body and movement as tools to face artistic, pedagogical and social challenges. To achieve their goals, they start from intertwinings that combine, on the one hand, the theoretical perspective with the practical one and, on the other, local and global reference points. A privileged perspective is the inter- or transdisciplinary one, which allows fruitful collaborations with the Basic Formation and with the Continuing Formation.

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Services for companies

Aware of the importance of a constant exchange with society, its characteristics and its needs, the Dimitri Academy has developed a rich range of services that it offers to associations, companies, schools, private and public bodies the opportunity to benefit from artistic and theatrical tools to face their challenges and enhance their skills. Among the areas in which the Academy operates are interpersonal relationships, psychophysical well-being, communication and storytelling, creativity, team building, social skills, play, inclusive and sustainable culture. Thanks to the artistic preparation of its collaborators, the Academy can also help in the construction of memorable and exciting events.

Area TheatreEducation

The TeatroEducation Area, shared between the Dimitri Academy and the Department of Education and Learning of SUPSI, is a place in which they conceive, activate and carry out training courses and workshops, and explore the practices inherent in theatre as an educational resource in the context of school. The Area explores, develops and enhances the potential of the performing arts, and theater in particular, as tools of knowledge and experimentation, capable of conveying experiences embodied (embodied) putting in dialogue multiple languages and knowledge, which foster teaching and learning processes. His projects are supported by a continuous pedagogical, artistic and theoretical research that deepens the relationship between artistic languages and educational practices, favoring multidisciplinarity and transversal teaching.

Spettacolo Teatrale Accademia Dimitri
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